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Ask The Expert: I just howled to say I love you

Can dogs fall in love with other dogs? With St Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d try and take a peek into the unknown territory of canine romanticism. Now, the first thing to understand is that dogs don’t experience the same range of emotions that humans do. We might like to interpret […]

Luxury Safari Getaway Competition Winner

Congratulations to Mr. Paul de Sousa who is our lucky winner of the Luxury Safari Getaway Competition to Botlierskop Private Game Reserve. The prize includes:  Accommodation voucher for two people sharing at Botlierskop Game Reserve situated in the Garden Route, Western Cape Province – valid from October 2017 to April 2018 for a full board 2-night package in […]

Know your breed: Chow Chow

In his later life, the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud’s Chow Chow called Jofi attended all his therapy sessions with his patients. The story goes that Freud could tell quite a lot about a patient’s state of mind by Jofi’s behaviour. If she positioned herself close to the patient, the patient was in a relatively calm […]

Know your breed: Basenji

The Basenji is a weird breed. Ever heard of a dog that can’t bark? Well, here you have it. A dog that whines, chortles, yodels and screams? Yup, that’s the Basenji. A clean, odourless dog. A natural escape artist. A stubborn, strong willed dog that will challenge you to be smarter than him or her… […]

Ask the expert: dog training for dummies

Okay, so you’ve decided to take the big step and get a puppy or adopt a rescue dog. Now how do you make it do those doggy tricks that all dogs do? The first thing you should know is that almost no behaviour comes naturally for your pup. Eating comes naturally, as well as running […]

Animal Heroes: The Cape of Storms and Flames

“Has anyone brought in my dachsies?” a distraught — but still hopeful — Knysna resident queries as he rushes into the town’s animal-rescue shelter. He has just lost everything in the hellish, early-June fires ripping through the historical Western Cape town. But his home and possessions are insignificant compared with his irreplaceable dachshund companions. Elsewhere, […]

Win a Luxury Safari Getaway with JOCK Dog Food

Win a Luxury Safari Getaway for two to Botlierskop Private Game Reserve by entering our in-store Competition. The prize includes:  Accommodation voucher for two people sharing at Botlierskop Game Reserve situated in the Garden Route, Western Cape Province – valid from October 2017 to April 2018 for a full board 2-night package in a Luxury Tented Suite. […]

Know your breed: Saint Bernard

My first meeting with this breed was Josef, the friendly, faithful companion of Heidi’s grandfather in the TV series Heidi — the hit Japanese anime series that also made its way to South Africa in the 80s with Afrikaans overdubbing. True to its depiction in this children’s series, the typical Saint Bernard is indeed a […]

Ask the expert: Are you ready for a dog?

If you think too long about this question, the answer is probably the same as the answer to another question — when is the average male ready for marriage? Not ever. Yet while the circumstances might never be perfect for getting a dog, the decision is one of the biggest ones you’ll make in your […]

Know your breed: Belgian Shepherd

Often confused with the more common German Shepherd (or Alsatian), the Belgian Shepherd is a unique breed that originated (yes, you guessed it) Belgium. The two breeds look quite similar, but that’s not where the confusion ends. The Belgian Shepherd itself has four different varieties. Oh, and then there’s the Dutch Shepherd. But let’s stick […]

Ask The Expert: What to do with dogs that chew

It’s an all too familiar scenario. Your brand-new Persian rug in tatters, missing shoes found mutilated beyond repair, couches frayed and food items half-eaten and strewn about the kitchen. The culprit behind this carnage? Your loving, cute and adorable furry ball of…destruction. We asked our resident reporter hound, Superdog to ask the expert for some […]

Know your breed: Basset Hound

With its long ears and friendly nature, one might confuse the Basset Hound with the Easter Bunny around April — but make no mistake: the Basset Hound will sniff out every single Easter egg you’ve hidden in the garden if you don’t keep a close eye.  In fact, the Basset Hound will probably track down […]

Know Your Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Hi, hold up a minute while my owner grooms my luscious golden locks. My name is Charmer the Cocker Spaniel, and I’m here to explain to you why people fall in love with my fluffy face and sweet, playful disposition. Remember the darling and beautiful lead dog in Lady and the Tramp? Yes, that’s me! […]