Competition Terms and Conditions

1 Campaign:

Win one of 100 JOCK 2018 Calendars in our Lucky Draw. This Lucky Draw is organized by AFGRI Animal Feeds a division of Philafrica Foods Proprietary Limited, a member of the AFGRI Group (“AFGRI Animal Feeds”)

Any persons entering or participating in this Competition (“Entrant”) agrees that by entering he/she has had an opportunity to read through and consider these Terms and Conditions and accepts these Terms and Conditions to be binding on them.

2 Campaign Period:

The Campaign Period commences at, 00h00 on 13 November 2017 and will continue until 23h59 on 15 December 2017 (the “Lucky Draw Period”). No late entries will be accepted.

3 Who May Enter?

3.1 To be eligible to enter, the entrant must:

3.1.1 be a natural person;

3.1.2 be a South African citizen or a permanent resident with a valid South African identity document; and

3.1.3 be 18 years or older;

3.1.4 post a photo of your dog

3.2 Participation in this Competition excludes employees, directors, members, partners, consultants and agents of, or any other person who, directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by AFGRI Animal Feeds or marketing service providers of this Competition (and the spouses, life partners, immediate family members or business partners of the people or entities listed above).

4 How to Enter:

4.1 A photo of your dog with any size bag of JOCK Dog Food must be uploaded under comments for the Competition Advertisement on the JOCK Dog Food Facebook page.

4.2 Multiple entries are permitted.

5 The Lucky Draw

5.1 20 Winners will be selected each week, for 5 consecutive weeks, via a lucky draw:

5.1.1 Weeks run from Monday 13 November to Friday 15 December 2017.

5.2 The winners will be announced on JOCK’s Facebook page by the Promoters and/or its authorized agents on or as soon as possible after the draw.

5.3 The winners will receive the JOCK 2018 Calendar via Courier to the winner’s physical address within South Africa.

5.5 The winners will be required to provide their name, contact details and physical address.

6 The Prize:

6.1 Win one of 100 JOCK 2018 Calendars (20 winners selected for 5 weeks).

7 General:

7.1 No portion of the Prizes can be amended, transferred, cancelled and will not be exchangeable for another Prize or cash and cannot be sold.

7.2 The draw results to determine the winners are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

7.3 AFGRI Animal Feeds, its respective directors, affiliates, members, partners, employees, agents, consultants, suppliers, contractors, subsidiaries and sponsors assume no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss or damage, including but not limited to physical harm or death, howsoever arising from or as a result of an entrant’s participation in the Competition or the entrant’s redemption of any Prize in terms of this Competition, or from any amendments to Prize details and/or the terms and conditions of this Competition. All entrants (including the winner) hereby expressly indemnify the Promoters in this regard and shall hold it harmless from all and any claims arising from or as a result of the above reasons.

7.4 AFGRI Animal Feeds shall attempt to contact the winner for a period of 7 (seven) days after his or her name is drawn as a winner. In the event that the winner is either uncontactable (during the time frames stipulated in this clause 7.3) or in the event that the winner rejects, or declines acceptance of the Prize or is disqualifies for any reason the Prize shall be subject to a new draw. It is the sole responsibility of the Entrants to provide the correct contact information to AFGRI Animal Feeds.

7.5 AFGRI Animal Feeds reserves the right to withhold the Prize until it is entirely satisfied that the claimant of the Prize is the bona fide winner, and reserves the right to call for such proof as it may deem necessary.

7.6 AFGRI Animal Feeds shall request that winners consent in writing to their name, image and likeness being used and published by AFGRI Animal Feeds in connection with this competition for a period of 12 (twelve) months after they are announced as winners. Winners may decline the use of their name, likeness and image by AFGRI Animal Feeds.

7.7 All Entrants will receive various marketing and promotional communications from AFGRI Animal Feeds. Entrants will be provided with opportunities to “Opt Out” of receiving such communications, which may be via the relevant medium that such marketing communication was received from.

7.8 AFGRI Animal Feeds contact details: Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Send us an inbox message on –

Phone us: 0837003214

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