On the 4th of August, JOCK Dog Food invited dog lovers from all over Gauteng to join this year’s Lady and Her Tramp Event & Dog Walk at the idyllic Idlewild Country Estate with its panoramic views of the Rietvlei Nature Reserve.

All dogs relish outdoor walks with their ‘person’. It’s their chance to experience all of the wonderful sights and smells that make up their world while enjoying a bit of exercise and fresh air. This fun-filled family event therefore presented the perfect opportunity to get out of the city hustle and bustle and spend a sunny day in the outdoors with JOCK Dog Food.

In addition to enjoying the day out in nature with our furry friends, the Lady and Her Tramp event also gave the community an opportunity to make a difference by opening their hearts and lending a helping paw to the beneficiary of the event: the SA Guide-Dogs Association.

JOCK Dog Food donated a generous R35 000 and Bravecto donated another R10 000 to the SA Guide-Dogs Association, whilst the Idlewild Country Estate contributed by making their venue and services available at no cost. The photographer of the day, Stephan van Wyk from Rokkitboy Creative Labs in Cape Town, captured every wild, wonderful, playful and heart-warming moment of the day – also at no cost.

The SA Guide-Dogs Association’s mission is to enhance the mobility and independence of people who have visual, physical and developmental needs, and the involvement of the association as beneficiary was the highlight of this event. “The JOCK team were thrilled at being able to aid the SA Guide-Dogs Association to continue the amazing work they do,” says JOCK’s marketing sales executive Liezel van Bergen.

Every dog must have its day and this unforgettable event filled our hearts anew with appreciation for our four-legged heroes. As the photographer and writer Roger Caras said, “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

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