About Jock


Transforming ordinary dogs into extraordinary companions

JOCK Dog Food strives continually to advance your dogs’ health and wellbeing as well as to enrich their lives and lifestyles as they have enriched ours. It is for this reason that, since inception, we have not only worked tirelessly in the research and development of superior nutritional products, but also in growing our understanding of their unique needs and providing information and advice with all dog lovers.

JOCK Dog Food manufactures a full line of natural dog foods and each brand is prepared using wholesome ingredients that you’ll love feeding your precious dog. With a variety of formulations and flavours, our product range offers something ideal for every stage in your dog’s life.

JOCK Dog Food uses only natural ingredients, combined with essential vitamins and minerals, guaranteed to satisfy your cherished canine’s hunger while promoting a healthy digestive system.


About AFGRI Animal Feeds

In our attempt to produce safe and excellent products, JOCK Dog Food strives to maintain quality systems of the highest standards. JOCK Dog Food dog foods are produced at our Isando plant which is ISO 9000 certified and runs a HACCP system to manage points of concern in the production process.

JOCK Dog Food takes pride in the procurement and use of raw materials of the highest quality and each supplier and raw material is evaluated before purchasing takes place. As part of the supplier agreement specific clauses have been included mentioning Melamine and Heavy Metals. It is the suppliers’ objective to follow our agreement closely and ensure the safety of their product. AFGRI also runs tests for Heavy metals and melamine on a quarterly basis to double check our controls already in place through the supplier agreements. Most Raw materials are delivered to the premises with a certificate of analysis for any “contaminants” of concern.

On a monthly basis raw materials and finished products are tested for Mycotoxins, specifically in the case of dog food for Aflatoxin. These results are monitored graphically to determine trends or problems with any specific products. Mycotoxin binders as well as mould inhibitors are automatically included into the dog food to ensure there is no risk of Mycotoxin contamination. A strict cleaning programme and monthly Salmonella monitoring is in place to ensure the raw materials and production line are clean and hold no contamination risk.

All products produced in the Dog Food plant go through strict Quality procedures before they are released from the plant to the public, this includes an in-line check of moisture levels and a final product inspection on the NIR of Protein, moisture, fat and pellet quality evaluation for each batch. Approved antioxidants in the form of a blend of BHT and BHA are used to ensure there is low risk of spoilage of the product while on the shelf, and every bag is labelled with a production date and shelf life for the consumer’s convenience.