Four-legged legends of lockdown

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Returning The Gift of Life

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Bushfire Heroes

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Hunter with a heart of gold

Perhaps you’ve seen the video. Hunter, a 7-months Belgian Malinois and a 2-day old abandoned giraffe calf named Jazz lying side by side, licking and nuzzling each other. Basically one of the cutest things you’ve seen this year. We spoke to Yolande van der Merwe, Manager at The Rhino Orphanage where Hunter lives, to find out a little more about his remarkable affinity for guarding over the weak and vulnerable.

Retired heroes and the heroes who don’t forget about them

It was Mahatma Gandhi who said that the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals. This thought can perhaps be taken further: how do we treat our old animals — the dogs who’ve given their lives to serve us? Lynne & Johann Wilhelm’s organization, Retreat 2 Eden, has a unique project which focuses specifically on retired service dogs. We spoke to Johann about their K9 Hero Project and got inspired.

Coming to the rescue of an old faithful friend

If there’s one national hero who deserves proper respect and dignity, it’s Just Nuisance, the legendary Great Dane of Simon’s Town. When his well-known bronze statue was vandalized, JOCK decided to step in and to come to the aid of our friend, by financing the restoration of the iconic landmark.

JOCK Legends: Savage on the street, sweet at heart

The police in the Western Cape has their hands full with drug dealers. Luckily, they have one member on their team with a nose for the job. Meet Savage, a three-year old Sable German Shepherd who has just received a South African Police Service Medal for his outstanding work in sniffing out drugs.

This month’s JOCK legend: you!

Every month at JOCK, we celebrate the unsung heroes, both dogs and humans, who make a difference in changing the lives of others and inspire us. With Mandela Day on the 18th of July, we thought we’d remind you of one of our biggest heroes working at the SPCA in Centurion. But more importantly, remind you that change can start with something really small: the seed of inspiration inside every one of us.

Feeling Blue: how one Boerboel brought a community together

When three dogs went missing in Westville, west of Durban, their owners, Blake and Karin Louwrens, had no idea how firmly the community would stand behind them. Not only did Blue become an unlikely poster girl — she also inspired a new non-profit organization called the Blue Bundu Brigade. JOCK spoke to the Louwrens’ friend and co-founder Karen Janisch to find out more.

Legends: A halo of hope in Hoedspruit

Hoedspruit might be a little forgotten corner close to the Kruger National Park in Limpopo for most of us. But for Hoedspruit Animal Outreach (or HALO), it’s the place where they make a huge difference to both the lives of dogs, their owners, and the wild animals of the area.

The confidence of caring

In the township of Mpophomeni in the KZN Midlands children are learning a very val-uable life lesson: that caring for other living beings enhances one’s own sense of self and confidence to achieve. JOCK spoke to Funda Nenja’s Adrienne Olivier about this remarkable project which uses dog training as a vehicle for personal development.

Legends: Vet books for Africa

Sharing is caring — the students of Vet Books for Africa. Knowledge is power. And for a small group of veterinary students of the University of Pretoria, this power is something they want to share to make a change in the world. JOCK spoke to Graham Taylor from Vet Books for Africa about their upcoming trip and how they are improving the lives of dogs and other animals.

Saving sighthounds four skinny legs at a time

A passion for sighthounds has brought a growing group of volunteers together with a single-minded vision: to find a loving home for every adorable, abandoned sighthound in the country. We spoke to Sighthound Rescue SA co-founder Cheryl Campbell about this inspiring project. One look at a whippet or greyhound in full flight on an open field is enough to understand the unbridled devotion of sighthound owners.

The distance hope travels — Peter, Jerry and the value of a dog’s life

Two boys. One sick dog. Four hours of walking. And seven rand. These are the elements in a remarkable story that has gripped the nation’s imagination recently. Jerry and Peter’s story is an inspiring one, and one JOCK would love to share with you.

Centurion SPCA’s Christina Masemola: It’s Not Just A Job

Some individuals remind us that there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished through passion and persistence. Meet Christina Masemola, manager of the Centurion SPCA and head of the SPCA inspectorate: A true guardian of animal rights, Christina has been involved with the SPCA for over 18 years.

The visionary people behind visionary dogs

Dogs have been companions to blind people for centuries. An ancient Roman mural even depicts a blind man with a dog. Yet South Africa’s first official training school was only established in 1953 by Gladys Evans after she returned from England with her guide dog, Sheena.Training a guide dog is no mean feat. Training starts at about 1 year and takes 18 to 24 months to complete. And about a third of the puppies don’t make the cut.

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