Product Range

Simply put, JOCK Dog Food offers complete and balanced nutrition in its simplest form. It’s more than a food for dogs; it’s a nutritionally superior recipe.

Jock is our premium brand, offering superior ingredients and additional benefits to provide for all the advanced needs of your active animal companion.


Jock Junor



JOCK Junior


Just as babies are not miniature adults, puppies are not smaller, younger versions of dogs. The growth and development of a puppy is hard work, and special nutrition is required. Young animals are especially sensitive to the effects of dietary deficiencies, toxins, and poor quality ingredients. They also require a wholesome diet that is balanced and easy to digest.

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JOCK Multistages

Suitable for adult and active dogs. Jock Multi-Stage has been formulated using only the finest ingredients, carefully selected and blended to provide maximum nutritional benefits for your dog. Furthermore, Jock Multi-Stages is enriched with essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat.

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JOCK Value

Complete and balanced nutrition suited for all dog breeds. The role that nutrition plays in keeping your dog healthy is absolutely critical. Jock Value is specially formulated to completely address these needs and keep your pooch a few steps ahead of the rest.

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