Ask The Expert: The Importance of Good Nutrition

Ask the Expert: Good Nutrition for your Legend

We know your dog is a superhero in your eyes. And superheroes need good nutrition to sustain a life of adventure and activity. But do you even know what qualifies as good nutrition for your pooch? We asked our resident reporter hound and superhero Superdog to interview an expert veterinarian.

Superdog: I’ve been indulging in meaty treats lately…tell me Doc, what exactly is a good doggy diet?

Expert: Well, dogs are omnivores which means they can’t live exclusively off of meat. At least 15-25% of their food should be plant-based. Plant-based foods have a higher fibre content, aid digestion and are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and Omega fatty acids.

Superdog: Now, that’s a mouthful! What are some of the signs of a bad diet?

Expert: Skin conditions, dull coats, dermatitis, and dandruff are some of the signs. Other indicators are poor dental hygiene, constipation and excessive defecation.

Superdog: Wow, I think I’ve been getting some of that doggy dandruff…is there something I can eat for that?

Expert: It’s as easy as changing your diet. Start by switching your dog food to a premium brand like JOCK. JOCK is available at pet stores and vets and is scientifically formulated with top quality ingredients to provide your dog with all the essential nutrients they need.

Superdog: Sounds legendary! I’ve also been struggling to focus Doc…is this related to my diet?

Expert: Good nutrition plays an important role in a dog’s mental well-being. Studies show that puppies who consume a diet rich in the fatty acid DHA, have better brain function and are more trainable. High antioxidant foods have also been shown to help senior dogs remember better and learn complex tasks.

Superdog: Wow, that sounds like good nutrition is the key to maintaining my superpowers!

Expert: Yes! Remember, a physically healthy dog is also an emotionally balanced dog. A poor diet can lead to stress and irritability. If your dog is unhappy, it might be time to revise their diet.

Superdog: Thank you Doc, I’ll get my paws on some of that delicious, nutritious JOCK Dog food!

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