Know Your Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Hi, hold up a minute while my owner grooms my luscious golden locks. My name is Charmer the Cocker Spaniel, and I’m here to explain to you why people fall in love with my fluffy face and sweet, playful disposition. Remember the darling and beautiful lead dog in Lady and the Tramp? Yes, that’s me!

Size: Small – medium
Weight: Males: 12-15kg
Females: 13-16kg
Height: Males: 39-41cm
Females: 38- 1cm
Appearance: Short, sturdy with medium to long coats and long ears. Colours include tan, black, tri-colour, white and buff, silver, and brown.

English vs American
I’m not just a pretty face. The Cocker Spaniel was initially bred to assist with hunting and retrieving in the United Kingdom. Our royal-sounding name was derived from our quarry – the Eurasian woodcock. My breed excelled so much in this task that Americans wanted their own version, resulting in two different breeds – the American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel. Our accents don’t differ, but we are slightly different in appearance. While English Cocker Spaniels are taller with narrower heads and longer muzzles, their American counterparts have shorter backs, round heads and short muzzles.

Sunshine with a furry coat and four paws
I’m joy and playfulness in dog form! I’m very affectionate, loving, smart and easily trainable. That’s why I’m a good option when it comes to families with children and other pets. As with all dogs, I need a strong and firm owner that will spend time training me; otherwise, I develop a will of my own!

We’re fashionable and smart!
Cocker Spaniels have contributed a few impressive achievement to the canine world. Ginger, the English Cocker Spaniel garnered media attention when he learned basic Gaelic commands in under a month with his deaf owner. Prince the Cocker Spaniel inspired his sailor owner Paul Sperry to create the first boat shoe when Sperry noticed how gracefully Prince moved over the ice. The wave-like grooves on Prince’s paws led to the design of a non-slip footwear that gave its wearer good traction on the slippery surfaces of their boats.

Cuddle-buddy inside, your active playmate outside!
While I can adjust to apartment life, it is essential that I receive ample exercise. I need to be physically and mentally stimulated. Take me for a daily walk and play with me if you want those moments of rest and cuddling. I am a companion dog, which means I enjoy attention and hate being left alone. I will often express my unhappiness through barking or chewing.

My silky coat needs grooming
We are moderate shedders, and therefore, it is recommended that you brush my coat regularly. It is good to start grooming early on in a dog’s life as this familiarises them with human touch and acts as a bonding session between dog and owner. I also enjoy the massage – it is very relaxing!

What to look out for:
Our long ears make us prone to ear infections, so look out for excessive head shaking or ear scratching. Other health issues include cataracts, glaucoma, blindness, hip and elbow dysplasia, gastric torsion and obesity. As with all your dogs, if something seems amiss, consult your local veterinarian.

Ready to accept this fleecy ball of love and elegance into your home?


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