Know Your Breed: German Shepherd

Know your breed: The German Shepherd

Hi everyone, Charlie here. As a retired member of the prestigious K9 unit, I’m here to tell you all you need to know about my breed, the German Shepherd. They say Border Collies and Poodles are smarter, but there’s a reason the men in blue use us to sniff out the bad guys! Working dogs, police dogs, guard dogs, military dogs, and even Hollywood…we’ve tried our paws at various roles!

Size: Large
Weight: Males: 35-40kg
Females: 22-32kg
Height: Males: 60-65cm
Females: 55-60cm
Appearance: Sturdy, muscular body. Long muzzle and tan coat with black saddle and mask.

I’m a canine celebrity and a World War 1 veteran!
My breed has played a significant part in history. We’ve been used by both the Allies and the German army in World War 1 as military dogs. This included bringing first aid to injured soldiers, delivering messages, guarding and keeping injured soldiers company. One such service pooch was even immortalised on the Hollywood walk of fame. Rin Tin Tin was a German Shepherd military rescue turned superstar who acted in popular silent films – he got his own star in 1960!

Strong, courageous, intelligent…what’s not to love?
You can call me German Shepherd, Police Dog, Alsatian or just plain Awesome. That’s why I’m consistently ranked amongst the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the world. We are protective, devoted and obedient by nature and respond well to training. Like most big breeds, we need ample exercise to stay out of trouble, so expect an active lifestyle if you want me around. Jogging, long walks and playing frisbee are some suggested activities we can do together. If you neglect this, I might wreak havoc on your beautiful new rose garden.

Sorry about your couch…I just have a lot of hair.
I am fortunate enough to boast a beautiful, thick tan coat. However, this means I shed a lot of hair. It’s recommended that your brush your Shepherd daily, especially around the change of the seasons, to ensure that your home is hair-free.

I look like a wolf, but I’m much cuter and cuddlier.
I love spending time with my owner indoors, and I can be quiet and calm. Just remember to balance these relaxed moments with bursts of physical activity. I might be big, strong and energetic but if I’m socialised properly, I work wonderfully with young children and cats. I naturally guard the ones I love which makes me an ideal adventure partner!

Unfortunately, I am prone to elbow and hip dysplasia, some digestive problems, eczema, and bleeding disorders. Remember to take me to the vet for check-ups if I act strangely!

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