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Know Your Breed: Shar Pei

The Shar Pei might not be the most traditionally attractive dog breed out there, but there’s something about the wrinkled face and droopy eyes that just melts your heart. Which makes it hard to believe that in the 1970s this quirky-looking breed was facing extinction due to extermination. This sad chapter in the Shar Pei’s …

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Know Your Breed: Dalmatian

Thanks to their trademark spots and a string of wildly popular Disney movies, Dalmatians are one of the world’s most recognisable dog breeds today. In fact, researchers estimate that these films influenced the popularity of the breed for 10 years after they hit the big screen. But long before Hollywood came calling, Dalmatians got their …

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Know Your Breed: Poodle

If ever there was a breed of dog that was more than just a pretty face, the Poodle would definitely take the cake. Just dig a little deeper into the breed’s history, past the cuteness and often impeccably groomed fur it’s known for today, and you’ll find a dog of superior intelligence that was once …

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Know Your Breed: Boxer

Voted 2015’s 10th most popular dog in the United States and the 9th most popular in the world in 2013, the Boxer breed probably needs no introduction. But did you know that it has the Second World War to thank for this popularity? The Boxer originated in Germany during the late 1890s and was an …

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Know Your Breed: Welsh Corgi

Here are two reasons why Corgis are replacing cats as the Internet’s favourite pet. One: Corgis are just adorable. With their large, perky ears, Dachshund-like body and stubby legs, they are basically cuteness wrapped in fur. Two: they have the personality to match. Corgis are just fun to have around, which explains why Queen Elizabeth …

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Know Your Breed: Africanis

Unlike most of the breeds that we’ve covered in our “Know Your Breed” series, Africanis owe their existence to Mother Nature rather than selective breeding by humans. In fact, according to the Africanis Society of Southern Africa, the breed is a result of centuries of natural selection and adaptation with no or little human interference. …

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Know Your Breed: Whippet

With their long legs and slim bodies, Whippets are often confused with Greyhounds. It’s a mistake that the untrained eye can make very easily, and one that can be attributed to the two breeds’ intertwined history. Back in 19th Century England, Whippets were actually Greyhounds that were considered unfit for hunting because they were too …

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Know Your Breed: Akita

Of Japan’s native dog breeds, none are more well-known and as wide spread as the Akita. And it’s largely thanks to the remarkable story of Hachikō – a fiercely loyal Akita that waited for his deceased owner at a train station every day for over 9 years. This story was a Japanese sensation when it …

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