Know Your Breed

Know Your Breed: Chihuahua

At the mention of “Chihuahua”, most people will think of a pint-sized yapper in a handbag. But there’s more to this pocket rocket than being a one-time pet de jour for celebrities. Chihuahuas have a long history that stretches back to the Toltec civilisation in Mexico, which makes them the oldest dog breed from the …

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Know Your Breed: Weimaraner

Few dogs have as regal a history as the Weimaraner. This striking breed originated in the early 19th Century in Germany and was created exclusively as a gun dog for royalty. Their noble, elegant looks and great hunting instincts made them quite prized, which led to nobles of the time restricting availability of the dogs …

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Know Your Breed: Pugs

Originally from China, Pugs made the journey to Europe in the sixteenth century where they became the pet du jour of royalty and nobility in the Netherlands and Western Europe. But its history stretches back even further than that. The Pug is believed to have originated around 400BC and is widely considered one of the …

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